Why would we burden drivers will all kinds of information that used to be of great importance?
coachmen didn’t want their horses to overheat
engine-drivers want to know how the technics function
co-pilots like to know what the road looks like
but what does a driver do with all this information? He only wants to know that he is driving well and that he will reach his destination on time.
How to make less more? Much information will only distract the driver.

At the IEDS our eventpartner V-tron will show you future ways in which we can inform drivers completely focussed on their driving tasks and interests.
In fact, every driver just wants the best information at the right price to reach his destination safely and in time

On December 10th V-tron will present different examples of e.g.:

  • a concept for the Human Machine Interface (HMI) of the future
  • possibilities of automation of driving tasks (ADAS)
  • a behavioral analysis of drivers actions in different situations
  • infrastructure-to-vehicle informatie (I2V)
  • in-vehicle-information (IVI)
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