International Event on Driving Science

From ‘International Symposium on Driving Science’ to ‘International Event on Driving Science (IEDS)’. With this name change, we make it clear that we opt for a different approach than the traditional symposium. Not just sharing knowledge, but especially working together on new connections in a field that is yet to be fully developed.
We start the day by sharing the knowledge gained from various international studies. In addition, Jochanan Eynikel (writer of the book ‘Robot achter het stuur’) is our keynote speaker. Jochanan Eynikel is a business philosopher and expert on people-oriented entrepreneurship and future thinking at ETION, a forum for committed entrepreneurship. He develops research and training on the interface between people, business and society. With his different perspective on development in technology, he kicks off the morning program.
In the afternoon program we shift the focus on experiencing new vehicle technologies, new developments, connecting disciplines and working together on new research questions. From listening to active participation! Looking for opportunities and challenges in the world between car technology and driver behavior. It promises to be an interactive and interesting event at which your input is important. You will receive more information in the next newsletter how you can contribute to our interactive program.