IJDS Symposium 2017


What if technology takes over all driving tasks?Gerben Feddes
Paths to a self-driving future – Five transition steps identifiedTaede Tillema
Role of the human driver in highly automated vehiclesTim Gordon
Breaking contradictions of driving automation (conversation session)Arie Paul van den Beukel
Driver Vehicle Adaptation 
ADAS: from owner to userIlse Harms
Trolley problem and autonomous cars: the attitude in CzechiaDaniel Soutner
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems & driver training and testing: key isssues to be addressedPeter Morsink
Influence driving behaviorDaniëlle Petit
Behavioral influence as traffic managementJorn de Vries
How to improve the drivers’ skills for future drivingGuido Sluijsmans
How can you improve driving behavior with connected car technology?Sjoerd Jonkers
Future highway design with autonomous driving. What will be the role of the ‘driver’ in highway design?Jos Vrieling
Talking Traffic - HMI Use Case VRI InformationChris Huijboom
Attention & the brain: detection of audio signals in driving and autonomous drivingRemo van der Heiden
Sharing the road with semi-autonomous vehicles. An experimental study on the experience of safety, control and responsibilityJanne Hofstee
Driver Vehicle Interaction 
Mental workload in various driving settings: comparing real traffic and simulated environmentLucas Noldus
Use case for EU truck platooningAngelo van Turenhout
Development of online driving skill evaluation system for driver-vehicle interaction controlDong Zhang
Performance of heterogeneous traffic – what can we expect? Bert van Velzen
Continuous auditory feedback for displaying automation status, lane deviation, and headway in a heavy truckPavlo Bazilinskyy
Comfort and Acceptance of Automated Driving Riender Happee 
A novel approach to integrate human-in-the-loop testing in the development chain of automated driving on the example of automated lane changeBranko Rogic
Smart driving, smart working – the added value of real world experience with partially automated vehiclesOnno Tool
Changes in trust after driving level 2 automated carsFrancesco Walker
The effect of supervised driving in partially automated carsMatthijs Dicke
A driving operational behavior analysis based on the state transition model for autonomous vehiclesYasuhiro Akagi
The effect of in-vehicle traffic management information on driver behaviourTineke Hof
Investigating two-wheeler balance using experimental bicycles and simulatorsGeorge Dialynas
One-sided cooperation between human driver and active accelerator pedalChristopher Rosier
How does the Netherlands prepare for the arrival of automatic vehicles. There are many opportunities! However, do we all do enough?Joop Veenis
Accident Avoidance 
Evaluating the robustness of integrated control for collision mitigation with oncoming vehicles with respect to steering effortBengt Jacobson
Driver out of the loop, infrastructure in the loopChris de Veer
Lane keeping systems and road marking. Improvements are neededEvert Klem
A methodology and tool chain to design integrated safety systemsMartin Tijssens
Increasing safe driving by young males at highway work zones using in-car speed limits and road work warningsBram Bazuin